The Lena Diaries: Q&A with Parisian Blogger Lena Mahfouf


Few have mastered the art of pattern mixing. To some the idea of paring polka dots with two different floral prints, let me reiterate– TWO Completely Different Floral Prints, is almost foreign. On the contrary, 16 year old Parisian fashion and lifestyle blogger, Lena Mahfouf experiments with different prints making them into one cohesive outfit with the fluency of a seasoned pro. A year after starting her uber chic blog, Lena Mahfouf, is making her mark in the fashion world and is not looking back. It’s hard not to compare her with the confidence and style embodied by Carrie Bradshaw… but of course her uniqueness calls for a script of it’s own, this isn’t the Carrie Diaries but “The Lena Diaries.”

Three Facts About You:
I love to laugh and having fun, I like not taking myself too seriously! I am the most goofy girl you may meet, my friends call me “the catastrophe”. And I’m addicted to Coca-Cola.

Style Inspirations:
Aimee Song, of the blog, I love her laid back, girly-grunge style!

Favorite Place To Get Your Fashion Fix:, their philosophy is pretty simple: they don’t take fashion or life too seriously. With up to more than 100 pieces hitting site everyday and a new collection each week I’m sure they’ve got something you’ll love.

Favorite Designers:
Alexander Wang & Givenchy for life!

Embarrassing Moments:
As I told you I am super goofy, my life is always an embarrassing moment. I break everything I touch, I fall everytime (even in flats shoes!!), yes you can call me Mr. Beans!

Career Goals: Become a full time blogger and create my press agency with my best friend Tara: Léna&Taragency, has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

3 Stranded Island Necessities:
iPhone, Camera and my Laptop: the things a blogger couldn’t live without!

How would you define your personal style?
Easy-chic. I tend to like feminine things yet always add a little comfiness to it. I like good fabrics like silk and leather, nice cuts and I am really into all black and all white looks but I never say no to a color block outfit!

Celebrity Crush:
Zac Efron! I’m in love with him since I saw High School Musical for the first time when I was like 8 years old.

Do you ever get hate because of your blog/youtube? If so, how do you deal with it?
To be honest I lose a lot of friends because of my blog. Fashion and blogging are my passions, if someone hates you because of your passions you know that it’s not a real friend. At the beginning I was really sad and I even considered closing my blog. I made the decision that I would rather be alone, pursuing my dreams instead of surrounding myself with people who speak down on your dreams because they don’t have dream themselves. This world is full of haters and if you listen all of them you’ll never have the life you really want. So now I only do what I want to do, I keep blogging and it works pretty well for me. Live for you, only you.

Guilty Pleasure:
Raspberry macaroons! I eat this all day, every day.

Favorite Insta:
@tuulavintage I love her travels photos and she’s so pretty, big crush!

Favorite Quote:
“Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.” -Frank Ocean

Trends you hate: Bucket hats! It reminds me of fishermans hats…

Trends you love:Kimonos, easy to wear and stylish: totally what I love!

Follow Lena’s Instagram: @lenamahfouf

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