How To Wear: The Oversized Look

By: Alicia @Neon Fox
How To Wear: The Oversized Tee 
A super chill day almost always calls for an oversized tee, and of course an all black outfit. To keep things not too basic add key pieces like the essential moto biker jacket or the perfect topper, like the fedora hat.  Also, if you want to add a hint of color try adding a clutch or handbag, of some sort, that is a solid color. Hot pink definitely makes a statement! You could wear this outfit in many variations whether it’s with a pair of leather shorts or some skinny black jeans, your choice!
How To Wear: The Oversized Button Up

This look is for the ultimate prepster or the stylish school girl. Wearing an oversized button up can have a very baggy silhouette but by layering it with either a cropped or regular sweater it could give off a new, dynamic look. As a total prepster you just can’t stay away from those perfect plaid skirts, so why not wear a mini plaid skirt?! Play with the colors that are in the plaid and pick out a shoe that accents them to make the skirt stand out! And don’t forget your essential back pack or satchel.
How To Wear: The Oversized Sweater

Oh, how we all love oversized sweaters but you know, at the same time us girls do like something a little less baggy. So what to do? Chic it up!! A pair of skinny pants will do the trick, and also balance out the oversized look. To give the sweater a sporty edge wear a contrasting cap or even a basic baseball cap. Also, to give your self some height put on an ankle bootie! Now add a simple clutch and you’re outfit will go from a lazy day outfit to a super chic (not to mention comfortable!) ensemble.
How To Wear: The Oversized Coat
If you live in a place like New York where it’s cold for like 9 months straight and a bubble coat is not your idea of looking cute and staying warm, then the oversized coat is the way to go. Wearing these type of coats can allow to you layer and layer some more. They also allow you to kinda get away with wearing tank tops because you can simply put on a sweater underneath the coat. A bold color ,like electric blue, will have heads turning for sure. In a positive way, of course! And don’t think wearing prints are only for the summer. A printed pant can add some extra contrast to your coat, just remember don’t go to overboard. A pair of luxe loafers and a stylish beanie will top off your whole look. 
I hope these tips can help you if you’re ever in a style rut. Play with your oversized pieces and have fun you never know you may come up with the perfect outfit to take a photo in!

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