New York and Los Angeles Street Style

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New York
New York, one of the top fashion capitals in the world, has always been known for it’s innovative style. New York is home to many popular fashion trends. The latest trends include ankle booties and chelsea boots, which can be worn for a casual or dressy look. Plaid is another hit in the Big Apple. It’s all about the plaid pants, plaid shirts, and even plaid coats for the winter. Adding a plaid shirt to a plain outfit can give it the extra umph it needs to make a fashion statement. One of the latest winter trends are oversized coats , particularly with leather sleeves, extra zippers, and splashes of neon. Another must have are boyfriend jeans. You can style them with heels, ankle boots or if your going for a more laid back look, a pair of converse! Lastly, Accessories are the icing on a cake. You heard the saying, “Accessories make the outfit!” Without accessories your outfit can look plain but an accessory can make it pop! Circular sunglasses are very popular right now in New York, as well as tote bags and fedoras! In the city that never sleeps, everybody’s individual style blends into one.
Los Angeles
By: Marisa Burchell
City of angels, lala land- whatever you want to call it, there is no denying LA has style like no other. As of now, L.A.’s weather has seemed to skip winter and went straight to summer. With that being said, sunny skies definitely call for statement sunglasses and sundresses. To carry you into the night, pair dresses with oversized denim jackets. Another must have are ankle boots. Ankle boots can be worn with skirts, shorts, dresses, and jeans. To add a casual pow to your look, just tie a long sleeve flannel around your waist! When it’s not so sunny, high waisted pants and oversized sweaters are go to’s for the fashionable Californian. In recent times Los Angeles has seemed to adopted the “Tomboy” trend. A printed snapback, neon beanie, or great sneaker can be found in almost every girl’s closet. Lastly, wether it be vintage rings or an infinity scarf accessories complete the outfit. Accessories are a universal way to finish off your look. From Melrose to Sunset, everybody’s style varies but at the same time accent each other. Let your inner dreamer come out and try experimenting with one of these trends, because we all know “California girls are undeniable.”

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