New Year, New Look: #TomboyStyle

Streetwear and fitness guru Adrianne Ho was featured in Forever 21’s tomboy style video. The video showed pieces from Forever 21’s men collection, proving that your brother’s leatherman jacket can be unconventionally feminine.

Below are 3 accessories that will help you achieve a tomboy styled look.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.06.12 PM Snapbacks

You can even search the girliest girly girl’s closet and I’m sure you’ll find at least one snapback, it may be decked out in flowers and sequins, but there’s no denying she was going for something a little edgier when she purchased that hat! Snapbacks are an uber cool way to add a touch of tomboy to an outfit. Coming in ALL different colors, repping ALL different teams, and being found in ALL different stores, snapbacks minus well be your new favorite accessory. Check SUPREME and ZUMIEZ.


Yes, you read that right– Time to up your sock game! Never underestimate the power of socks, yes at times you may throw on any pair (matching or not!) but sometimes you have to throw on some statement making socks and let them do the talking. Socks can be paired with Docs, shorts, skirts, sneakers, and pants– the possibilities are literally endless. OFWGKTA and URBANOUTFITTERS definitely will cure all your sock needs.



Tell time in a stylish way. Guys are known to keep a Rollie on their wrist, and girls can too! Despite popular belief, many watch brands offer sleek and femininely designed watches. Swiss watch brand Swatch are an industry favorite. Another favorite are the Casio Gold Plated Digital Watch and the Betsey Johnson Crystal Red Lips Watch.

For more inspiration, these style conscious guys are a great to pull from when building a tomboy look infused with femininity.

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